The Write Path


Feel like you're walking down that long road alone? Maybe you are. 


Remember the verse about footprints in the sand?  When you see only one set of sandal prints, it is He who carries you.


So how do you overcome your fears, your lonliness, your sadness?  How do you manage a smile on your face when there is none in your heart?  


There are many paths--routes to explore.  All are helpful to some and some are helpful to all. 


On my journey down that long and lonely road, I discovered a bit of magic in the written word.  No, you don't have to be a professional writer or even one who journals on a regular basis.  I can show you how to use words ... write them ... scream them ... share them ...  use words hidden deep inside to expel anger, resentment, lonliness and tears. 


It is a road less traveled;  one you will want to share.  At the end of the road a huge door opens.  Light, happeness and joy await. 


                                 The written word--one mighty sword.  Use it!


I am available to share my journey with you and your groups during the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2017.


Please contact me at or by phone at 815-793-8165. 

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