The Pen's Healing Power

Let me share my laughter and happy times --excerpts from my book Born to be a Star (floating in a galaxy of hot air) Laughter cures most everything ...                 


                                                    But ...



When you discover you're completely at odds with life and think you have no place to hide or turn, let me guide you ...        (Yeah, you feel like you've been run over by a train! do ya?)


It will end ...


Our family faced the horrible, the unthinkable ... unprepared for the monster residing in my dear husband's brain ... a glio blastoma brain tumor. A kind wonderful man became the monster residing inside.  i thought the battle with  his schizophrenia and paranoia would never end. 


Miraculously, it did. ... and then, 15 months later, I lost my remarkable mom who had lived with us for 11 years.  And, two of my three children and their families moved out-of-state.  I was so alone, but oh so strong. 


"Nothing can crush me. You can't scare me!"


Oh my ... such pride ... and then, it came ...  "Monster" returned. 


This time, Monster dwelt in ME!  Riddled with nightmares so real, so very real, I feared sleep.  Monster was alive and invaded ME. My husband--no make that the man with the Monster inside of him--returned.  Post-traumatic stress syndrome reared its ugly afront.  How could this happen to me?  So strong, resiliant and young?  A mere 56 and facing Monster head-on and alone.    


I will share with readers and those who gather how turning to God and using the mighty pen, Monster was sentenced to instant death.


it came in the most unusual way,  the message was delivered through one of God's creatures, a shy, non-descript feline.  Your jaw will drop when I share the event with you and your group. 


My book, The Monster Within will be published shortly after two other books, Born to be a Star--floating in a galaxy of hot air and Born to be a Star Two.



Let me show you and your group how I used the mighty pen for unconditinal survival.


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