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On The Light Side!





 Mary Ellen's husband Mike said, “Living with Mary Ellen was like living life in a Mix Master or a centrifuge."


"Somehow, she always came out of 'situations' with delectable pineapple up-side-down cake and delicious salads."


To say her existance was a roller coaster ride would be like saying it was dull and never a feather did she ruffle.


In her books and in her presentations, Mary Ellen tells how she and a friend emptied out the place Catholics call purgatory, she rigged school elections, had a bit part in a movie, danced on television, and flipped her wig on the Ferris Wheel. Antics never end.


She recently got on a plane with an expired passport and no driver’s license and made it to sunny Phoenix where it was pouring down rain. (She thought she was in Seattle.)


Ask her … it is all true … (ask her children) She will delight in sharing these delightful escapades with you and your group.


               or 815-793-8165

Yep!  She flipped her wig on a Ferris Wheel. and she got on a plane at O'hare with an expired passport. When she arrived in Phoenix, she thought it was Seattle.

Mountain Lake

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Beach Huts

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Ferris Wheel

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Ferris Wheel
Yep... she flipped her wig on the Ferris Wheel. Got on a plane with an expired passport and no drivers license. She arrived in Phoenix and it looked like Seatle!
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